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Infertility may be Difficult to Determine but may include inadequate levels of certain Hormones in both Men and Women, and it is also related to the trouble with Ovulation in Women.

Many Couples do suffer from difficulty in Conceiving and many times they fail to get proper Guidance and Treatment Plan for them. These are the Couple who need Counselling and certain basic Tests to Diagnose the Real Cause. 

Infertility directly refers to not getting Pregnant, despite having Carefully Timed, Unprotected Sex for One Year. In many cases, there are no additional Symptoms. The main symptom is an Inability to get Pregnant. 

Many Treatments significantly improve the chances of getting Pregnant. They include Hormone Treatments, Fertility Drugs and Surgery. In addition, Assisted Reproduction uses various Medical Techniques to Fertilise an Egg.

Many of our Patients Benefited and have been able to start their Families with the Treatments like Ovulation Induction Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy Intrauterine Insemination.

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‘Promise Healthcare-A Unit of Stem Care LLP’ was started in the year 2020 by one of the Best Orthopaedic Surgeons in Ranchi, Dr. Deepak Verma. To establish the centre of excellence in Healthcare System he focused on its specialities by providing a safe & secure environment and performed the duties with utmost competency.